3 phases of Chiropractic treatment

An adjustment is very specific and it is possible (and/or necessary) to receive several adjustments a week without any damage or detrition appearing at the vertebrae and the respective vertebral discs, muscles, tendons or ligaments.

Phases of Chiropractic treatment

  1. stop
  2. preserve
  3. maintain

The first phase is directed at halting the impairment of the vital state caused by a subluxation.
This phase lasts for 3-6 weeks and during this time 1-2 adjustment a week are necessary.

The second phase is directed at preserving the state of being free from Subluxation.
During this phase it is necessary to carry on with the Chiropractic treatment in a disciplined manner because doing this period the body is given the possibility to restructure and to heal itself. If Chiropractic treatments is broken off during this phase any successes and well-being so-far achieved could be lost. This phase lasts for 2-6 months and during this time 1-2 adjustment per month are recommended.

The third phase is directed at maintaining the achieved condition.
Regular Chiropractic check-ups make sure that no long-lasting subluxations occur any more. In this phase you will have got used to the subluxation free state of your spine and will be able to feel for yourself when it is time for a check-up. This phase lasts for as long as you are exposed to physical, emotional and chemical stress – normally all life long.

Reactions to adjustments are varied and individual and also depend on how long the subluxation has already lasted. In some cases, there can be a physical reaction which may last anywhere between 1-3 days which may give the impression as if the condition would deteriorate. This is the body’s so called “ healing crisis” which can be compared to an adjustment response.

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